About Us
We celebrate the big spirit of small and medium retailers!

Tidiit is the premier online and mobile platform for the low-cost purchase and delivery of goods to small, medium and informal retailers directly from wholesalers and manufacturers.

At Tidiit, we have an ambition to be the most user friendly, safe, and trusted online and mobile platform where, small and medium retailers can get the best deals and buy almost anything and everything without any hint of uncertainty or concern and have such goods delivered. For this to happen, we provide and assure our customers the best of the best online and mobile purchasing experience, by offering them safe transactions, best deals, variety of products, the most affordable prices, and most user-friendly navigations.

We celebrate the big spirit of small and medium retailers!What we offer to the Small and Medium Retailers

We help you make more money. How?

  • At Tidiit, you get the biggest range of products offered at the lowest cost
  • No more trips to search for the best products to sell
  • We give you the tools to join efforts with others to "buy big", and win big
  • Exceptionally fast delivery of the items.
  • Lowest cost purchase of stock mean higher profits for small and medium retailers
  • Outcompete the big stores!
Get the Best Deals on Tidiit

Tidiit offers an exceptionally vast product range and variety, i.e. Mobile Phones, Fashionable clothes, Food and Grocery Products, Cosmetics, Hardware and Home Building Goods, Pharmaceuticals, and so on. We deal in top brands and Local Brands Goods equally. Moreover, you have the option to search and view the hot deals, Popular Brands, New Arrivals, etc.

Enjoy a Safe, Secure, and Reliable Online/Mobile Inventory Purchasing Experience on your Phone

Our greatest advantage is the trust and faith our customers have in our services. And to further strengthen that, we have got strong Refund and Return policy, Safe and Secure Transactions, and genuine products and presentation of items. You would love to make orders for your shop at Tidiit at all times, after getting the perfect online and mobile purchasing experience.

What we have for Wholesale Businesses and Manufacturers?

Efficient, Transparent and Less Costly Distribution

We partner with the best of best of wholesale businesses, dealers, distributors, manufacturers etc. Tidiit offers a tremendous E-commerce and mobile platform for sellers to showcase their products and win hundreds of thousands of retail shop buyers for their brand and goods. We make it easy and less costly to reach the hundreds of thousands of retailers. For the first time, you can view the data on how your product is performing in the market in real time.

Tidiit Inc. Ltd
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