STIC is what we are looking for

S - Smart

We are looking for people who are capable of imagination when given the space and freedom that tidiit represents. Are you innovative and passionate about problem solving?

Take a look at what we are doing, come and tell us how you can solve the challenges within the space of small retail, whether formal or informal to make it work better while also bringing efficiency and lowering costs for suppliers, wholesalers and brand owners.

T- Talented and tenacious

We would like to know your unique talents and what you have done so far. We believe that talent alone is not enough, unless it is supported by relentless efforts, that is, tenacity which helps one to weather difficulties and failures along the way to achieve success. We want to hear about the things you are talented in and efforts you have made as is related to the job skills in all open positions at tidiit. Come and tell us your unique story.

I - Interesting

We believe that interesting people add a lot of value to human interaction in the workplace, and we are committed to keeping our workplace and interesting one - we like to work hard and laugh hard too. Being interesting also contributes to likability and team fit, which are key traits we mostly value. If you possess the other traits, and you are an interesting personality, then we would like to hear from you to discuss how we can give you the space and freedom to make a great career.

C- Compassionate

Are you compassionate and empathetic? If you are passionate about changing the world so that the economic and social space around us can be more inclusive - where even small retailers can be equally if not fiercely competitive against the large and institutionalized retailers, then come and talk to us about how you can be a part of this great team revolutionizing how small retail works, both through technology and innovative organizational mechanisms in our unique environment.

Current opportunities we are seeking to fill:

  • Software Engineering - Mobile and Web Applications
  • Designers and User Experience Specialists
  • Data Analytics
  • IT & Security
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Logistics and Vendor Development
  • Content Writers
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Unique HR Specialists
  • Communication Specialists

Tidiit Inc. Ltd
Nairobi Kenya
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