Infringement Policy

Tiditt completely respects the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), Trademarks and Copyrights of the third parties and condemn any effort to infringe the same by any dealer/manufacturer any point of time through Tidiit or any other platform.

In order to stop and prevent the misuse of Tidiit platform for infringement of any kind, we have integrated a special infringement verification and protection cell, which proactively act upon any infringement reports/complaints received.

How to report Infringement?

If you notice any infringement of your IPR from any of the dealers registered on Tidiit platform, you can report the same on our infringement protection cell e-mail id, [email protected] with the below details:

  • Details of the IPR, i.e. trademark, copyright, etc. infringed
  • Mention the complete details or location of the infringed activity, i.e. link of Tidiit website, or product id of the said product.
  • Your complete contact details, i.e. Contact number, e-mail, address, etc.
  • Evidence of infringed i.e. trademark certifications, image copyrights, Brand details, etc.
  • A declaration from you saying that you are certain that the product or material you are reporting has no legal IPR right, copyright, etc. and you are the truthful owner of the IPR or copyrights for the same.

Our infringement protection cell will verify the same and if the complaint found to be true, we will immediately eradicate the access to the said product or material.

Note: Please note that we won’t be take any action against the infringement report received, missing the above mentioned facts/information.

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