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Buyer Dispute Program

We want you to deliver a service that exceeds your expectation. However, a few times, a dispute between a buyer and a supplier will occur. In case this happens, buyers are advised to first contact suppliers/sellers directly to try to find a solution. In case the buyer and supplier fail to resolve their dispute, the Tidiit Buyer Dispute Program provides clear steps to solving the buyer's complaint, including specified Tidiit Guarantee.

Situations in which the Tidiit Payments Buyer Dispute Program apply
  • You paid the supplier for the item, but it did not arrive
  • You received the item, but the item is materially different than the way the supplier described it.
In case of the above, you may seek our help in resolving the dispute regarding your order by submitting and therefore opening a dispute.
Our Dispute Program does not apply to unlawful or prohibited items.
When submitting a dispute, make sure to specify the reason together with comments explaining why the item you received is materially different from the item you purchased. We shall apply our own discretion to decide the merit of your claim.

How to submit a complaint
If you are a registered buyer/buying club, you can submit a complaint by logging into your account and then contacting our Dispute Resolution Center

What happens after you submit a complaint?
Tidiit will contact the seller and help negotiate a resolution. We expect quick response from the buyer when we request for additional information to speed up dispute resolution. Hence we expect the buyer to respond within five working days. In the case of no response over two weeks, then we shall terminate the complaint. The length of period of complaint submission and receipt is 21 days but depending on circumstances we may have to take longer. You may check the status of a complaint online from your account page.

Details Required
  • Order details, such as order reference and the list of items in the order
  • The cost of items in the order
  • Shipment/delivery details
  • Nature of the problem(s) with the order
  • Your preferred resolution for the problem
You will be prompted to enter information about the transaction on the page that opens when submitting a complaint.

Issues that can be disputed
A transaction might be disputed for any of several reasons:
  • An error in the Tidiit Payment transaction
  • Unauthorized charges
  • The item paid for was not received
  • The item received was materially different than described

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